How Big is the California Grown Nut Market Internationally?

A plethora of organization and networks all points out to California as being one of the largest source of United states when it comes to fruit and of course nut, which according to the Agricultural Network of the state, accounts about 46% of the whole US supply for the aforementioned products. It comes with no doubt that California is nothing short of a giant in the Nut industry as their California Grown nuts are able to cross the globe with their outstanding quality and the amazing amount they are produced with.

Now, you may be asking yourself whether California truly deserves to be one of the biggest Nut state in the world and to answer your curiosity, below are some ideas that will surely give you a glimpse of the nut world in the state.

If you are wondering what California Almonds refer to as their prized possession and masterpiece, their answer would undeniably be almonds. In the United States alone, California Almonds are truly what dominates the market up to a whopping 99% and even approaching the borderline of 100% and mind you that the almonds are just the third among the agricultural products of the state. California Almonds definitely didn't get cramped inside the boundaries  of the state as it has also managed to dominate countries like Spain, Turkey and more, eating up to 80% of their Almond supplies which just goes to show that their California Almonds are international conquerors.

When it comes to nuts, who can ever forget about California Walnuts and before talking about their rich and abundant amount in the state, these nuts also comes from a very broad historical background which makes it so great. When California entered the 17th Century, it marked the start of Walnut cultivation which was initiated through the planting of the Franciscan Fathers which then led to the commercial California Walnut production on 1867 as it hitched a fast ride to popularity that extended to our day. Just like the wholesale almonds , California walnuts can easily be used as wholesale Almonds as well as their amount also dominates the American market walnut category up to 99%.

Pistachios from the state are also equally historical and popular throughout the globe as they have been cultivated in the state for 30 years or so already. From the first tree known as Pioneer Gold, California has fast outgrown its past self and has now mass produced Pistachio Trees, welcoming an orchard that can also produce great amounts of products that will leave the market with weak knees as well. It is easy to conclude or some that Pistachios in the state may not be as renowned as the other two but, with Wonderful Pistachios in the market, there's no doubt that you will recede your thought and learn that their Pistachio is on a quick ride to stardom as well. Learn more about nuts at .